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Vietnam is not only known for war in the past, but also patriotism & friendliness of Vietnam people.

Moreover, Mother Nature has given Vietnam many breathtaking landscapes

There are even plenty of famous attractions & locations that have been selected as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbuster movies including King Kong

Especially, many Prime Ministers, politicians and celebrities…picked Vietnam for their holidays

Incredibly, the number of visitors to Vietnam is increasing rapidly, reaching more than 12 million visitors per year

Furthermore, according to government statistics, this number increases every year, because Vietnam has a stable, safe & secure political situation

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First time traveling to Vietnam, you might be overwhelmed with so much information,

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Many believe that it’s very easy to get Vietnam trip’s services arranged on your own

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First time to Vietnam, where to go? Is Vietnam safe to travel?

How to avoid fraudulent tour companies? How to pick a reliable tour company in Vietnam to save money?

Should Vietnam tour's be booked online with local tour company beforehand instead of travel agency in your country? 

Is visa required to enter Vietnam? How to get a correct & official visa? 

Is it easy to have own Vietnam tours arrangement?

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